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Duncan, Samuel Keith
Duncan, Sam
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Dr Sam Duncan is the senior lecturer of Holmesglen’s Sports Media and Sport Business degrees. His main research interests are sports media, sport business and the link between sport, media, community and culture. Sam is the author of Footy Grounds to Grandstands: Play, Community and the Australian Football League and has been published in a range of Australian and international peer reviewed academic journals with a focus on sport, media, society, theory and philosophy. During his professional career Sam worked in public relations and strategic communications as a Group Account Director at Javelin Australia and also regularly contributes to various media outlets about issues relating to sports media and business, including the Age, AFL Record, The New Daily and Ten Daily. Sam is also the author of a poetry book, Rolling with the Punches and children’s book, In the Land of Every Animal.
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12017Acting as one: Understanding the actions of the banned Essendon 34Duncan, Samuel Keith 
22022Applying Dyer’s star theory to sport: Understanding the cultivation of athlete stardomDuncan, Samuel Keith 
3May-2017Athenians and red invincibles: The origins of Queensland football [Book Review]Duncan, Samuel Keith 
42018The Business of Sport, Sledging and the Corruption of Play – an Interpretation through a Huizingian-Bourdieu LensDuncan, Samuel Keith 
52020How Australia’s fascination with overseas sports is beginning to hurtDuncan, Samuel Keith 
62016Interpreting Huizinga through Bourdieu: A new lens for understanding the commodification of play element in society and its effects on genuine communityDuncan, Samuel Keith 
728-Mar-2018Managed Play: The Media’s Impact on Play in the Australian Football LeagueDuncan, Samuel Keith 
82017Play, community and democracy: understanding how play can stimulate democracyDuncan, Samuel Keith 
925-Feb-2018Sledging in sport – playful banter, or mean-spirited insults? A study of sledging’s place in play.Duncan, Samuel Keith 
106-Aug-2021The spirit of play: fun and freedom in the professional age of sportDuncan, Samuel Keith 
11Nov-2016Voices from the grandstands: The attitudes of Australian football fans towards the concept of creating, developing and binding communitiesDuncan, Samuel Keith 
12Mar-2020Why all the outrage? Viral media as corrupt play shaping mainstream media narrativesDuncan, Samuel Keith